Day Three: Known hells are preferable to strange heavens

My advice was being sought in all the wrong places last night. I watered seeds I had not planted, and had no business being in my garden. That’s what happens when you let the enemy within gain ground. Most people plant seeds of discord because their known hells of “thank god it’s friday” and drinking to speed the days are more predictable than strange heavens, fuck that.

“If the enemy within cannot kill us, then the enemy without can do us no harm”- Botswana proverb

Just have to make sure to stand at the door of our thoughts and look through the latch and decide what to entertain and from whom. People will try and discourage you with saying that you don’t have a track record for what you want to do. But nobody had a track record before they started anything. They just like to keep you in the box they made for you to attempt to understand you.

However short of a post this may be, my days here in the womb are long and drawn out. This time is meant to be spent grounding myself before the next offense starting next week. The threshold shall be crossed, and the barriers shall be broken.


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