Day Four: Hard reset

My timing for these blog posts will get better. I started to realize im posting them in the morning and it results in me posting the previous days thoughts in the next day’s post.

I feel as though I am among no one, no sorrow though. Nobody was meant to get what im doing I assume. Just feels odd when it actually happens. Unsolicited advice is a proponent to a fire that’s bellowing inside. I sometimes feel these blog posts sound like a classic man vs world scenario. But I never really had a problem with the world, just some of the people living in it.

This small katabasis was necessary. It put me in a vulnerable state that I was able to leap out of, vision intact. I’ve come to realize you really have to look through a lens when it comes to others opinions for how you should live your life.

In the words of James Allen “The world is your kaleidoscope, and the varying combinations of colours, which at every succeeding moment it presents to you are the exquisitely adjusted pictures of your ever-moving thoughts.”

Moral of the previous day: Don’t take too much advice from people who aren’t where you want to be. For all they know is how to get where they are.

~12 hours later

I end this blog post with good timing and a strong mind going into the next day. Thinking of starting a video blog channel when I head out on my second attempt. I’m not sure if it gets old talking about the past but everyday I see revelations in it. It was nice I was able to metaphorically “taste my own blood” reminding me of my mortality when pursuing my dream, important. My thought for anyone reading this is remembering a time you were mentally vulnerable. I was grounded enough to know when it was happening and put on shutters, kept the vision alive.

The world shudders as the worm gets its wings


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