Day Six: Birthing pains

I don’t remember there being birthing pains of my new self like this as there was last time. Evidently the universe conspired the last time I left the womb wouldn’t be the last time I was there, unfinished business maybe. Only reached the Sixth day of a Seven Day binge, and it’s a restless feeling. The few hours I was detached felt more freeing than anything before, or it was over romanticized, still haven’t decided.

However things are coming together. Its an important time again to make sure im taking the next right move, thats all that matters. I had another friend pose a question if it was a sign from God, I had about enough of unsolicited advice I told him but he said instead if this was a threshold I had to cross to see if I was serious about this. This is the tuition you have to pay to get what you want. Journey presses on later this week. Longer posts ahead.

Before the day of the dance
The pain regresses
The cord tightens
Consciousness, fades

I know you
That uncouncious you
The only part
That I can’t seem to get
Your breathe left a toxic time

To let me out
Would be to save yourself
Maybe we can forget
The outlet ive become

So getting away from you
Is what ive got to do
Walk away from me
You know this has to be
The only way to heal the time




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