Day Seven: Learning to love stillness

I had many thoughts today. I figured out my car was totaled from the accident on Day 1, but this is good. This means I don’t have to stay around for repairs and I will have about $7000 USD extra for new car or to save. At the gym I had the feeling like I was standing still in life which was true, the last week has been a waiting game. My whole life I have been a very active person with few hours to spare in days so it’s been rough, but I can finally start going into high gear again.

Tomorrow I will miss church too. I had a fallout with the church before I left for my trip, just didn’t feel right anymore. Felt as though it was a click moment that I started questioning the dogmatic principles. The time I spent there was with good company though, helped me through a harder time.

We stumble upon the end of another short post. I am way too excited to be back on the journey again to write much more, but until then I am constricted to this.

I’m trying to learn to love stillness in life. (bear with me)


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