Day 12: The Holy Mountain

Today I watched a film I’ve been meaning to for a while now called “The Holy Mountain”. A thief goes on a journey to self enlightenment by meeting an alchemist who shows him the ways. Not going to ruin the movie but I have to say it is a movie that has a very deep meaning. I’m not sure if I am looking too deep or I am more receptive to symbolism and investigating its purpose. But the movie ends with the notion that the journey to self discovery is not one to have  a reward at the end, but the reward is the journey itself. It put into perspective what im doing and it let my mind rest, this is what you need to be doing. The film ends with an almost call to action that nobody could ignore I believe, to find your “Holy Mountain” to conquer and let the things that tie you to this world die. In the film the characters seeking enlightenment had to do just that, dispose of all their worldly possessions and things that keep them attached to their current identity (style). Only after this could the venture into learning their deeper self and confront their most carnal desires and let them die. This also instilled the idea that self actualization is so damn important. Again, not trying to ruin film but there is a message in the middle of it that warns of escapism and all the things us humans do. I admit I have suffered from some of these, as this was a 70’s film it didn’t incorporate modern internet porn or video games but it showed alcohol, drugs, club atmospheres, and religion which was the most daunting. It opened my eyes to how some people escape their past through that vessel and how it’s an escape from reality, very controversial for that time I imagine if it was a big film. The film can be found on Youtube for free, I highly recommend to anyone.

Looks like February 8th will be a sound departure date. Come danger, come adventure, unsex me here.


“The Vision that you glorify in your mind, the Ideal that you enthrone in your heart — this you will build your life by, this you will become.”- James Allen


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