Day 19: Going under

Today was best described as, restless. I really tried to get myself to read but was halted many times by worldly distractions. My dog wanting on my bed, lighting not being “right”, losing interest 2 paragraphs into the page and having to restart. But alas, I finished the prologue. I’m not sure If I want to change the next few blogs into book reviews or chapter reviews, but it’s something that interests me.

In the prologue of the new book im reading “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” there were many bits I pulled out of it that I found important. The beginning opens up with Zarathustra (protagonist) retreating to the mountains, finding wisdom and enlightenment to return to people he meets. He goes to a town to preach his thought that man is only the stepping stone to a higher being that he calls Übermensch (Superman/Overman). He warns everyone of how man is being turned into sheep like creatures regarding their mentality. Mediocre, enjoy simple pleasures, and afraid of danger. Before he is interrupted he says “We have invented happiness,’ say the last men, and they blink.” Blink in this regard meaning at that time “to deceive”, basically saying our happy escapism tendencies is what’s keeping us from reaching this Übermensch. To keep it short, a work of symbolism occurs, a tightrope walker falls to his death in front of the gathered crowd, the walker starts asking about if he will see the devil and hell. Zarathustra assures him there is no such thing and that “You have made danger your vocation; there is nothing contemptible in that.” Zarathustra’s words aren’t taken very seriously, and the self proclaimed “righteous and just” let him leave town without killing him due to false teaching. He takes the deceased walker’s body out of town as he is mocked and has a revelation, something meaningful that can be pulled from this novel. As Zarathustra wakes up, he has a conviction that he should stop preaching to the masses. Rather than be a shepherd, who leads the herd, he must lure people away from the herd. The righteous and just will hate him even more for detracting members, however Zarathustra believes this breaking of laws and values will be a creation in itself.

“I am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses.” -Zarathustra


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