Day 20: Bodily basics

I have to say, im proud of myself for being so devoted to this blog. I hear many stories of people starting blogs to end them but I feel I come at these with the same intensity as I did my first one, albeit the content might not be as vivid. Today involved more reading of “Thus spoke Zarathustra”. Last blog post seemed like a block of text, although I believe it was all important in my mind, it wasn’t the most flattering display. Today will be shorter.

On the Three Metamorphoses

Zarathustra says there are 3 stages to becoming the Ubermensch: The camel, The lion, and the child. In the camel stage, one has to renounce one’s comforts, exercise self discipline, and accept difficulty as it’s the stepping stone for knowledge and strength. Then the lion, where the lion denies all outside forces, and seeks independence from man. And finally the child, the most basic form of creation, the new version of man is reached.

On the Teachers of Virtue

Zarathustra here denounces the idea of practicing “virtue” and self restraint in order to find inner piece. This is the beginning of his stab at christianity i believe. I put virtue in quotation marks for just that reason, Nietzsche obviously didn’t find those people very virtuous. He says these people are “asleep” as in they are not improving themselves, as opposed to those who are “awake” who seek self improvement and independence.

On the Afterworldly

Zarathustra exclaims that we are not “spirit” but we are made of flesh, and to not be ashamed or ignore what the flesh desires. Goes on to explain that the creation of an afterlife is to ignore the pain today. In other words, the creation of an afterlife creates hell on earth. 

On the Despisers of the Body

Zarathustra harps on about how we are of the body and “self” is of the body, not tied to a spirit. He says that those who create a detachment of self from the body have a sick body themselves, hate life and want to die. Now this is not to be confused with purely physical body. This is a shot at those who denounce all reason, sense, and intuition purely because it is something of the body, and they hate their own “bodies” and want everyone else to hate theirs. Learn to love your feelings, they’re there for a reason.

“You must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame; how could you rise anew if you have not first become ashes?”- Zarathustra


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