Day 22: No net

A mentor of mine released a video today and it moved me, so I thought I’d share. The video was titled “No net” and went on to give an example about a tightrope walker with a net below him has talent for sure, but nobody is really impressed that much. Now compare that to a tightrope walker that goes between skyline buildings with no net, that is phenomenal skill. The problem with us sometimes is that we make sure we have a safety net below us before we do anything, so the second we feel a little pain, we jump back into the net and give up. Another mentor of mine used an analogy of locking the door behind you and throwing away the key before you do anything powerful.

As I wrote this I took a break and listened to content from one of my mentors and heard something else powerful. I know this isn’t a sports blog, but if you follow american sports, the super bowl just happened. Tom Brady is an embodiment of dominating your passion. He was the final draft pick for his team and that only fueled him for greatness. The first day of practice as an alternative quarterback he introduced himself to the owner saying “I’m Tom Brady and I am the best decision the organization has ever made”. Thats intense! To have that kind of drive and determination after being the last draft pick. It remind me of a book I read “Antifragile” where people benefit from being damaged and broke down.

This all has me even more excited for what im about to do. It gives me a sense of knowing im doing the right thing. I also recalled a chapter from “thus spoke zarathustra” about tragedy and to not replicate others, for its theirs. It became more clear to me when writing, I could never write a “The Beautiful People” or “People = shit”. However, I can write what I know, and that might be the next “Sweet Dreams”. So I embrace every tragedy as it’s a point to write from. No test, no testimony.

“You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star” – Friedrich Nietzsche


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