Day 23: Adding value

Rollercoaster of a day. Started with the feeling to go on a run in the AM, followed by a hollow feeling the rest of the afternoon. After I awoke from a nap I had a piercing headache, still do. I did my workout through it anyway, sauna cooled it down but it returned. Not sure there is an explanation, maybe anxiety before journey or random cause.

I still feel very confident about my new life. I have always been told if you want to make money or do what you love, make sure it adds value to other people life. A mentor of mine wrote a book called “The Thank You Economy” describing this. I always thought how what I plan to do will add value to people. After my last blog post referencing some iconic 90’s metal songs I had to revisit them, and then it clicked. The first time I ever saw the “Sweet Dreams- Marilyn Manson” video on MTV I was at loss for words. The man is wearing full makeup, a wedding gown, then a ballet outfit while screaming into the camera. It is absolutely mind boggling to take it all in. Contrast that with maybe Slipknot live and that has so many things going on you can’t help but watch every single one and get caught up with the loud, primordial drums. My end concensus is that people love being confused or having their faces melted off. Maybe a combination of the two is what I need.

Had an off day, so didn’t read “Thus spoke Zarathustra”, maybe it’s better off for these posts to contain strictly my thoughts.

“Of all that is written, I love only what a person has written with his own blood.”- Friedrich Nietzsche


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