Day 24: Hey cruel world

“I feel myself driven towards an end that I do not know.  As soon as I have reached it, as soon as I shall become unnecessary, an atom will suffice to shatter me. Until then, all the forces of mankind can do nothing to stop me.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

I posted this quote on my first blog post, and I found myself returning to it. I feel even more energized for tomorrow as I leave on my adventure again. I had some internal dialogue as I was coming home from the gym and I was overwhelmed with gratefulness. I realized “an atom could have sufficed to shatter me”. But it didn’t. I left my my car accident unscathed, not a single bit of pain physically. In my mind that was a sign, that it was not my fate for my journey to end there. I started laughing as I can see myself years from now talking about it saying that I hadn’t even left my state and I was $10,000 in the hole, but I was still determined and relentless in pursuing what I wanted to do.

I have such a fighting spirit about me now. I feel unstoppable. I’ve gotten as close to death as I could, anything now is just minor roadblocks to vault over. I end this with extreme spirit and vitality. This is my story.


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