Day 25: Learning the ropes

Day one of California comes to a close. I write this from a tiny room in a hostel with no air conditioning, but im enjoying it. Today I faced the bleak reality that walking everywhere just isn’t realistic. Now biking, that is different. After I bought my bike today I had a childlike energy about me as I was riding down the streets on my new bike. Today I spent a lot of time walking, realistically now that I have a bike I go as fast if not faster than the cars due to the traffic.

I had an odd feeling today I hadn’t encountered before. After I got situated in my new room I looked at the ceiling, scared, and doubtful. The coming two weeks at hand seemed too daunting and it scared me to even think about how to attack that. However cliche the advice is to “break it all down into doable bits” is, it worked. I broke everything I need to do down into daily quests. Soon after that I found myself walking the streets on one of them. Tomorrow will be fun riding around town running errands. Till next day.




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