Day 26: Mouth of the beast


I find it funny. I would sit in my room, listen to motivational tapes and go to seminars where the message was “you quit because you felt a little pain” and “its going to be hard but thats the best part of it”. I always nodded my head and internally chanted the same thing, but never did I actually test my will. I am only two days in to this adventure, and I have come to find out that nothing in the world is done for you. I hope im not stating the obvious here, but all my life I have had a fairly easy time seeking employment. They seemed to be strategically placed so I never went without. At the moment I have only been searching for two days so I shouldn’t be in any haste, but im just ready to do something with my time.

I thought of this title as I took the picture above this morning. A picture couldn’t do justice, there were so many things I wish I could capture. However, I also felt a sense of anxiety as I thought of being enveloped by the pure mass of this city. As if I was staring at the mouth of a beast. But, I am still alive and with a good spirit about me, seeking employment, long term housing, and friends. It’s felt odd not REALLY speaking to someone for over two days, almost like you’re outside of the world looking in.

Scheduled rain tomorrow, lets hope that changes.


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