Day 27: Coveting thy neighbor

Let your reasons for what you’re doing be your rod and staff to comfort you. I return to this saying as it was applicable to me today. My day could have been perceived as a shitty day, pouring down rain I had to ride through, computer dysfunction, and budgeted eating. However, I felt a sense of relief as I remembered why im doing this. I went back to one of my mentors who discussed the importance of what im doing, leading me to be comforted in knowing such.

Not every moment of the day is sunshine and rainbows. After fixing my computer I overheard the conversation of another coffee shop owner. Talking all about how she has been a Disney child star since she was 3 and how she is this and that. As I filed my next job application in what it seemed as a dark abyss I started comparing myself to her. Thinking, “What have I done wrong to not end up where she is?”. Granted she was older than me, different background, but it did not matter as I was bitter with envy. I was able to cool down in the bathroom and be grateful for what I do have and I can always look back on this moment and laugh. We are all on our separate journey, no need to compare.

Tomorrow is a sunny day, looking to make the best of it.

Make the day count.


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