Day 28: The journey is everything

As I write this, I am met with shitty internet and awkward faces everywhere I go. This Airbnb is a hostel, not somebody’s home. Aside from that, today was similar to yesterday, a flurry of emotions. Moments where I wanted to cry in a grocery store, met with moments of tearing up riding home, knowing everything is going to be okay. I can feel what this is doing to me already, its a true test of character. Only three days in and I can count the points where most people would’ve given up, lest we forget the car incident on day one.

A mentor of mine, later to be mentioned reminded me today that the journey is everything. This is because there is no end, as true success is always pushing forward. However, the word success is subjective. I see other people wearing fancier clothes than me and seemingly spending more money than me. However, I have to keep reminding myself, that is exactly how I was living before I left on this journey. This is just my training period, the tuition I have to pay, this must be my season.

“The quotes are simple, the execution is hard.”- Gary Vaynerchuk

I thought I was so big and bad sitting at home talking about “having faith” and “willing to take a chance”. But when I really found the courage to commit to it, wow! This is a new feeling, a sense of integrity only I can have with myself, I really did it. Although this is not the finish line, its a step off the start to a race with no end.

Sunshine is scheduled tomorrow.


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