Day 29: Level headed

I watched a video the other night of entertainers I admire as they told their story about living together and them getting down to their last $100 and still making it. It gave me a really comforting feeling knowing that everything will be alright. I have more money than them, and im only looking after myself, im already a step ahead.

I spent the day cruising around the Korea town of my city, fairly nice place, pretty much a city of its own. I feel like I didn’t have many thoughts today, as it was a calm Sunday. I wasn’t in a frantic mood of not knowing what is my next step. But I think there is beauty in that, that I am going through an ebb and flow. Today I felt great, and maybe I will for a while. Then a new challenge will arise, then another, and another. Through these I will gain character traits I could never of been taught. Character can’t be built in your moms house behind a computer screen.

Take the leap

Sunny again tomorrow, hopefully it cools down tonight so I can sleep well.


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