Day 30: Getting back up

30 days. I love what this blog has done for me regarding my writing skills. It made me actually sit down and write with meaning. Really that’s the first step in anything you’re good at, just doing IT. I went to my first interview today and it went…. a little too well. I think the manager knew I wasn’t the kind of person to stay at a minimum wage job very long. If I were in his shoes, id want to find someone a minimum wage professional. Not quite out of the minimum wage bracket, but also someone familiar with computers and working fast paced with good English skills. No hard feelings, I have another interview for a higher end dining restaurant as a server. I’m sure that will be where my personality will come off better. A mentor of mine always said “When you get knocked down, try and land on your back because if you can look up, you can get up.” The right job will come, its just important to get up.

Another beautiful thing I saw today is in the post picture. Hard to read but it was inside a chipotle bathroom. “Always remember somebody is doing worse than you are – Be grateful.” This of course is not meant to sound spiteful. But I know people would kill to be in my position. They’d be devising all the things they could do with how much money I have saved up. So this puts me in a position to try and do even better than what they would do with my funds and circumstances.

Cloudy day tomorrow, more enjoyable bike rides.


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