Day 32: Divine Intervention

Barely made it to my blog, some nights internet is good, other not so much. Today I got a job after what felt like an eternity searching and interviewing. In reality it has only been 8 days. It made me really put in perspective how much time we all have in a day and how we use that time directly affects our outcomes. Sounds simple, but until I had this moment of understanding, I would spend so much time doing escapist activities like video games and YouTube videos. However some escapism is necessary, but not as much as I was doing before I embarked on this journey.

I feel like the ball is rolling now, I feel that the universe is starting to come together for me. Even though it was a small victory, it was worthy of celebration, my body felt electric after the interview, I couldn’t contain myself. This makes me thing of how I was acting before the interview. Normally im a very soft spoken person, keep to myself in public. However, today at the interview I felt like I was networking with everyone. I had a dream personality where I was energetic, outgoing, social and fun. Everyone seemed to be responding well to it too. I felt like it was divine intervention. As if God (whatever manifestation that may be) gave me a what felt like divine power to ace this interview and meet new people. Divine intervention is the second step in the heroes journey, and I feel like im just getting a very small taste of it. But damn does it taste sweet.


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