Day 33: Grateful Hardships

This is what the journey is all about. I started my day riding to my second interview (same job) and as I start on my ride, it begins pouring down rain. It didn’t stop until I stepped inside my house when I got home at 7pm. But, riding to work in the downpour was such a humbling experience. A few days ago if I saw people in cars I would of gotten envious at the sight of them sitting inside it. Envy however is a normal human emotion that stayed with us for a reason. I believe it can be used to propel us to greatness, just can’t let it sit in you long. But now I smile! Every time I see how im toughing something out, I smile at the fact that I can handle this. You comfortable people, what do you know of happiness. Even riding home from work as the droplets falling off the shop awnings drenched my head, I still laughed knowing that this can be a story for later.

Referencing my last post, I felt that same feeling again today. When I was at my second round of interviews with the same company I was overcome with a sense of sociability and ability to articulate all my thoughts proficiently and eloquently. I am not sure what this is, but its something im taking notice of for sure, something not to be ignored. A skill that will come back often and a skill to perfect.

Hopefully not as much rain tomorrow, I don’t like the smell of wet dog.


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