Day 34: The Universe is on Your Side

As I am writing this at 1am, I am hoping to keep this short to respect my sleep. It beautiful when things start coming together. After life smacking me upside the head many times it feels like, I can honestly say the universe is on your side. Now that doesn’t mean no challenges or no defeats. After the struggle, things begin to click for you, you fair the storm and you walk with a different kind of swagger to your step. You go to bed a sense of integrity.

Today I got an apartment set up, old nuns convent turned into apartment complex. It was a stroke of luck I found it, was posted within 15 minutes of me finding it, and during the interview process for the apartment two people called wanting to come by and look at it. Maybe not luck though, fate that I were to come across it before anyone else.

I also started my new job today! It was supposed to be a soft opening turned grand opening with a 50+ person crowd encircling the building. It was nice being the first one there and last one to leave, a days hard work was put in. I am looking forward to the coming days at this job.

Enough rambling of my day. Cloudy day tomorrow, maybe a light jacket.


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