Day 35: You own it

Work got called off today, slightly disappointing but it was a good day to set up my new apartment! Nice to have a room wider and longer than the bed frame itself. Already made a few friends in the complex. I look back 11 days ago when I got off the plane and how different it is now in just 11 days. It goes to show major life changes can be made if you hustle and work hard. I have a job, a place, money in the bank still, gym membership, and a healthy social life already.

I know I said this in a previous blog post. However, I feel its worth saying again. The integrity you have with yourself when you go to bed at night, knowing you’re going after YOUR dreams is a phenomenal feeling. The beautiful thing about it is, is that you have no room to complain! When you’re doing shit that you hate, you can find every excuse to complain about it along the way. When you’re following your heart, you can’t complain, because you’re doing exactly what you said you wanted, nobody told you that you should do this, its yours, you own it every night and every morning.

Getting a rosy sunburn from riding bike everywhere, another sunny day tomorrow.


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