Day 36: The story unfolds

Yet an another amazing day. Started off with my milk turning into an ice block in my fridge, but I managed. Met a young man coincidentally names Joshua holding an iPad to sign people up to defend immigrants rights and reverse President Trumps travel ban. As two people who don’t agree with each other, we had a really nice discussion. Sadly cut off by my pre-workout kicking in as I started fidgeting and pacing around I said my goodbyes. The other day a similar thing happened, except an environmentalist said POTUS is a “dumbass motherfucker”. “Well, I voted for him” I replied as he changed his tone to “He’s a great guy”. Stand up for something spineless tree fucker.

I came home to meeting a man in my complex named “Klaus”. A german man with an insationable love for classic music and me. It was nice to tell my story and share my thoughts with someone who understands on my wavelength of thought. He then began to show me his favorite pieces of classical and all the orchestras he sang in. Maybe not my favorite past time, but surely a great character in my story, and a connection when I need it.

Sunny again tomorrow, not Texas sun though, more like “hands still get cold” sunny.


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