Day 37: A day in the city

A quieter day today, filled with errands. Spent some time in a famous bookstore here called “The last bookstore” which prides itself in being the biggest used book store in Los Angeles. The selection was mediocre in my opinion compared to a Barnes and nobles, but is what it is. I was looking for a book called “One Soldier” where a Canadian soldier describes his accounts of joining the Kurdish army after he got back from a tour with Canadian army. He apparently taught the kurds invaluable military tactics and fought alongside them. Looks like it will have to be an amazon order. After a morning gym routine I went home to gather my belongings I stole (temporarily borrowed without permission) from the airbnb I was staying at. Sheets, pillows, those sort of things. As I rode back to the airbnb loaded like a pack mule I thought of the fond memories that were only a few days ago of coming home to a tiny room no bigger than the bed frame itself. It’ll make for a great humble beginnings story one day.

Tomorrow I start work again, very excited. Looking to be a sunny day, hopefully a busy store.


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