Day 39: Detour

I laugh at this. Regarding my last post, I thought I had things together for just a second. But then I realized that’s just life playing a game with you. I was let go from my job because they hired to many employees for such a small shop. Since I was the last one to be hired, I was the first to be fired (let go). I believe my skill set and work ethic far exceeded any of my coworkers, but I take it for what it is. It’s time to be creative. Time to figure out a new strategy. This is what the adventure is all about, I could of very well done this back home and never had the certain stresses I do now forcing me to become creative. The kind of preparation im being put through now is just building muscle for when something real comes along. I am thankful for my struggle currently, and I should be asking for more.

I had an interview with a Japanese place in my area as a waiter, and the guy seemed to like me enough to tell me to get the right clothes for a test day to see if im good. After the interview I took a wrong turn and ended up on skid row. Reminded me of an African town or a zombie infested town. Lots of people slowly wandering around. Too many people just standing, I was able to high speed bike out of there. Regarding all of this, I feel a strong sense of hustle arising in me. The fact that one minute im laid off, an hour later im interviewing for another one. It’s all an adventure, a character building experience, tears and middle fingers are all a part of it. Being me is the best fucking gig in the world.


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