Day 48: Time off

Been a while, but im back on it. I realized this is something I really enjoyed, but I let other things get in the way. Working till late night leaves my mind elsewhere rather than focusing on my hobbies. A week later I have a full time employment at the restaurant previously mentioned. I’ve been enjoying my time there, except each shift leaves me with a stiff shoulder. I recall from my last time working at a fast pace job that I carry my stress in that area. Not enough stress to toil my mind, but enough to make my body react. Maybe it does take a toll on my mind since I don’t think of posting here.

Just writing that paragraph above made me feel good. A mentor of mine regarded the things you do when you get home at night from your job is what following your heart is. I’m glad I have something to write about.

I came across another thought today along the lines of the four archetypes. I’m not going to regurgitate the four archetypes as they are available online. A mentor of mine said its not just enough to develop your archetypes in private, he insisted that you should present them. Showing others that you’re a good magician, king, warrior, or lover brings people together. I realized I have been hiding this blog, but it could be a good product of my magician mind.

Sunny tomorrow, jacket isn’t necessary anymore it feels.


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