Day 50: Get out

Hot as hell in my apartment tonight despite the windows being open all day. I saw the film “Get out” today and it has to be one of my favorite thriller films I’ve seen in a while. The panning camera angles and the eerie tones made for a great sense of mystery. Even as I got up to go to the bathroom I felt like I was in the movie when I heard a little noise. The movie to my understanding was slightly under attack by B-class movie critics saying its racist against white people because it stereotypes them as they are displayed in the movie. Couldn’t be farther from the truth, because it is a movie after all. Twilight zone type shit. Besides that the movie had really good story too, it projects what a hypnosis feels like, scary to watch and to think about for too long. They describe the feeling as “the sunken place” where the hypnotized slips out of their consciousness. I can imagine there are stories out there that are similar, hopefully a doc I can watch on it.

Getting hotter everyday, need to invest in shorts.


One thought on “Day 50: Get out

  1. I have a feeling the people who think Get Out is racist also think that the Camp Town Ladies scene from Blazing Saddles is offensive. They need to look up what counter cinema is and if they don’t already know, they shouldn’t be critiquing film. Also, I’m no stock broker, but shorts are typically a good investment.


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