Day 57: Re-imagining Man

The last few days have been busy. Working good hours at my new job, good comradery there makes me forget that its work. Of course there is time for work, but after it settles fun spirit erupts.

I am also about halfway through the book “The rational male” that was recommended to me by a mentor of mine. Not even done and it has secured itself in the top five books I’d recommend to a man. It focuses on “unplugging” yourself from the female matrix that is modern opposite sex relations. Unlearning everything you’ve been taught about post 1960 intersex relations. It is a very easily digestible book to any reader. The most valuable ideas to come out of it for me were “Plate spinning” and “Shit testing”. Plate spinning regarding a circus plate spinner that has multiple plates on delicate sticks. Some plates wobble, some stay in a fluid spin. But the point is that if you have only one woman (one-itis) as your only plate, then when it begins wobbling you begin to panic, you begin to think what will happen if you have no plates. In turn you do anything you can think of to balance the plate. Voices in your head tell you to spin it faster, wait no, slow down! Ergo it crashes, you are left plate-less. On the contrary, if you have multiple plates, some spinning at different speeds, some wobbly, some fluid you don’t put attention the one that wobbles, no anxiety, you let the plate spin at its preferred speed. If the plate falls and crashes, you still have 3 other plates spinning. In summary, it is important for young men not to develop a “one-itis” (soulmate) in fear of losing her would mean no other options. That same ability of having options gives cues to women a sense of competition anxiety. No woman wants a man that is not sought after by other women (be it of his own choice) and if they do, the know he is in a powerless state where he can be smacked around no matter what.

This will turn into a long post I can tell. The other term “Shit testing” I thought was a profound statement. As a boy does to his mother, women do to men. They see how far they can go. They test their limits. They want to see what you’ll stand up for. Now that I look back I can see many times I was “shit tested”. If you reference a female on this matter, she will act clueless, rightfully so, as she is not consciously aware of it. But if you are aware you can reference times as a man that a woman expected an apology, a reimbursement for their convinced wrong doings you committed, or to just bow down to them. The shit test when a man has only one plate goes terrible. He cuts off his testicles and starts dancing around while saying “Are you happy now?” in hopes of the plate to return to original speed. Never does this happen though. The second you do this, the woman knows what she can get away with. She knows the power of guilt she has over you to ensure you work for her imperative. Again, she doesn’t mean it in my mind, its hard-wired, its a power play.

Ending that, I feel drawn toward writing an e-book. A new project. I am still deciding what exactly im the most well versed at or deciding that me not knowing anything about a subject will prompt me to do heavy research. I even have as much as the next entire long blog post planned out in my head. All will come together.

I had a conversation with a housemate giving light on the past few weeks. At the time I didn’t understand why I was laid off of other things. However as these situations begin to appear more often, I am starting to have a lessened sense of anxiety about them. Knowing that there is always a comeback, always an opportunity to strike a telling blow. Anti-fragile would be the name for it. Because every time these occur, I come back with new knowledge, and a better result.

Starting to warm up here, looking forward to more beach time.





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