Day 59: No Reflection

Fuck, this is a feeling I haven’t felt in a while. You get into a state that you know isn’t “you”? You’re laying in bed and wonder who you’ve become. A weak feeling. Empowering too. Its a moment of revelation at least. You feel disconnected from the matrix you were once stuck inside for the past few days, maybe months. I know im not quite out yet I don’t think. But it was a “clicking” moment none the less. I really want to study this thought more the longer I think about it. Its been going on the last few days, making the days feel like weeks. A sulking mood, with a lethargic undertone. You spend hours, looking for an answer as to whats wrong with you. Only to find yourself still in the matrix that is that feeling. You fill the voids of time with things you think you should be enjoying, you do, but something just isn’t right. It’s as if you look in the mirror and you cast no reflection. The spell is over, back to original form.

A tortured artist is redundant to say the least.



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