Day 48: Time off

Been a while, but im back on it. I realized this is something I really enjoyed, but I let other things get in the way. Working till late night leaves my mind elsewhere rather than focusing on my hobbies. A week later I have a full time employment at the restaurant previously mentioned. I’ve been enjoying my time there, except each shift leaves me with a stiff shoulder. I recall from my last time working at a fast pace job that I carry my stress in that area. Not enough stress to toil my mind, but enough to make my body react. Maybe it does take a toll on my mind since I don’t think of posting here.

Just writing that paragraph above made me feel good. A mentor of mine regarded the things you do when you get home at night from your job is what following your heart is. I’m glad I have something to write about.

I came across another thought today along the lines of the four archetypes. I’m not going to regurgitate the four archetypes as they are available online. A mentor of mine said its not just enough to develop your archetypes in private, he insisted that you should present them. Showing others that you’re a good magician, king, warrior, or lover brings people together. I realized I have been hiding this blog, but it could be a good product of my magician mind.

Sunny tomorrow, jacket isn’t necessary anymore it feels.


Day 41: Things begin to click again

As things get busier I find it harder to write here. So from now on instead instead of picking up the day I left off im going to count as though those days happened. Day 41 I find myself again in a rhythm, hopefully for a longer period of time than before. My first night of work went great, it was a training night to see if I would be a good fit for the job. The manager ended up liking me, so did all the staff it seems. After work there was a party held for someone I met that day who was leaving the restaurant. Great guy, sad to see him leave. The party was fun though, karaoke with a room full of Japanese is too funny. I return to work Wednesday, until then its resting and getting things in order that need be. Fair to say I won’t be returning to my first job, good riddance.

Day 39: Detour

I laugh at this. Regarding my last post, I thought I had things together for just a second. But then I realized that’s just life playing a game with you. I was let go from my job because they hired to many employees for such a small shop. Since I was the last one to be hired, I was the first to be fired (let go). I believe my skill set and work ethic far exceeded any of my coworkers, but I take it for what it is. It’s time to be creative. Time to figure out a new strategy. This is what the adventure is all about, I could of very well done this back home and never had the certain stresses I do now forcing me to become creative. The kind of preparation im being put through now is just building muscle for when something real comes along. I am thankful for my struggle currently, and I should be asking for more.

I had an interview with a Japanese place in my area as a waiter, and the guy seemed to like me enough to tell me to get the right clothes for a test day to see if im good. After the interview I took a wrong turn and ended up on skid row. Reminded me of an African town or a zombie infested town. Lots of people slowly wandering around. Too many people just standing, I was able to high speed bike out of there. Regarding all of this, I feel a strong sense of hustle arising in me. The fact that one minute im laid off, an hour later im interviewing for another one. It’s all an adventure, a character building experience, tears and middle fingers are all a part of it. Being me is the best fucking gig in the world.

Day 38: Routine creates head space

Finally settled. I feel I am in a place of stillness for just a little bit. I have been able to find harmony wherever I go. I don’t think I ever went to sleep with a sense of anxiety or paranoia about the coming days. However, that doesn’t mean it didn’t begin the following day. I was able to take it one day at a time. I am in a state with a routine, and with routines come freeing of options, where as options require time, and less options means more mental head space for other en devours.

I need to get back into heavy reading. This week has just been long days of “doing” followed by some small escapism before I sleep. On my days off I find I drift into the habits of escapism through internet surfing. Need to catch myself and devote more time to studies.

Tomorrow I work, Sunny in the 60’s. Couldn’t ask for better weather

Day 37: A day in the city

A quieter day today, filled with errands. Spent some time in a famous bookstore here called “The last bookstore” which prides itself in being the biggest used book store in Los Angeles. The selection was mediocre in my opinion compared to a Barnes and nobles, but is what it is. I was looking for a book called “One Soldier” where a Canadian soldier describes his accounts of joining the Kurdish army after he got back from a tour with Canadian army. He apparently taught the kurds invaluable military tactics and fought alongside them. Looks like it will have to be an amazon order. After a morning gym routine I went home to gather my belongings I stole (temporarily borrowed without permission) from the airbnb I was staying at. Sheets, pillows, those sort of things. As I rode back to the airbnb loaded like a pack mule I thought of the fond memories that were only a few days ago of coming home to a tiny room no bigger than the bed frame itself. It’ll make for a great humble beginnings story one day.

Tomorrow I start work again, very excited. Looking to be a sunny day, hopefully a busy store.

Day 36: The story unfolds

Yet an another amazing day. Started off with my milk turning into an ice block in my fridge, but I managed. Met a young man coincidentally names Joshua holding an iPad to sign people up to defend immigrants rights and reverse President Trumps travel ban. As two people who don’t agree with each other, we had a really nice discussion. Sadly cut off by my pre-workout kicking in as I started fidgeting and pacing around I said my goodbyes. The other day a similar thing happened, except an environmentalist said POTUS is a “dumbass motherfucker”. “Well, I voted for him” I replied as he changed his tone to “He’s a great guy”. Stand up for something spineless tree fucker.

I came home to meeting a man in my complex named “Klaus”. A german man with an insationable love for classic music and me. It was nice to tell my story and share my thoughts with someone who understands on my wavelength of thought. He then began to show me his favorite pieces of classical and all the orchestras he sang in. Maybe not my favorite past time, but surely a great character in my story, and a connection when I need it.

Sunny again tomorrow, not Texas sun though, more like “hands still get cold” sunny.

Day 35: You own it

Work got called off today, slightly disappointing but it was a good day to set up my new apartment! Nice to have a room wider and longer than the bed frame itself. Already made a few friends in the complex. I look back 11 days ago when I got off the plane and how different it is now in just 11 days. It goes to show major life changes can be made if you hustle and work hard. I have a job, a place, money in the bank still, gym membership, and a healthy social life already.

I know I said this in a previous blog post. However, I feel its worth saying again. The integrity you have with yourself when you go to bed at night, knowing you’re going after YOUR dreams is a phenomenal feeling. The beautiful thing about it is, is that you have no room to complain! When you’re doing shit that you hate, you can find every excuse to complain about it along the way. When you’re following your heart, you can’t complain, because you’re doing exactly what you said you wanted, nobody told you that you should do this, its yours, you own it every night and every morning.

Getting a rosy sunburn from riding bike everywhere, another sunny day tomorrow.